Veoneer partners with Arbe to expand the boundaries of high-performance perception-level automotive radars 

The automotive technology company Veoneer and the 4D imaging radar solutions company Arbe Robotics have announced plans to co-develop radars for automotive-grade safety and rolling out autonomous functionality.

After 5 years extensive research among technology start-ups, Veoneer has chosen to partner with Arbe for their 2K high resolution surround radar, able to enhance the perception system and sensor fusion. 

Veoneer will develop, market, and integrate two surround 4D imaging radars extending on Arbe’s reference designs: one long-range, high resolution, 360° sensing solution with 48×48 RF channels (Tx/Rx) and one with 24×12 RF channels. Veoneer’s patented waveguide technology will enhance Arbe’s performance metrics further by improving antenna efficiency and reducing performance variability in the manufacturing process.

The 4D ultra high-resolution imaging radar operates also in difficult weather and lighting conditions and it differentiates true threats from false alarms to ensure a safe road ahead for drivers, pedestrians, and other vulnerable road users. The radar sensor is modular in design, reliable and affordable, providing both redundancy and the data diversity that is critical for both automotive-grade safety and rolling out autonomous functionality.

The new surround radar is expected to be in pre-production by mid-2023.

“Veoneer is committed to offering safe, robust, high-quality sensor solutions to vehicle manufacturers globally. During the past 5 years, we have performed extensive research among 4D radar companies globally. By partnering with Arbe Robotics, Veoneer will be able to offer and integrate scalable automotive-grade 4D radar-sensors in future cars, at competitive prices,” says Jacob Svanberg, CEO of Veoneer