Vivo, Qualcomm collaborate on breakthrough 5G antenna technology

Vivo has detailed its collaboration with Qualcomm to address a critical 5G development milestone with ground-breaking 5G antenna technology. This collaboration resulted in the successful design and integration of new 5G millimeter wave (mmWave) antenna arrays into a Vivo commercial form factor, as well as the measurement of system-level OTA performance.
The milestone is significant as the arrival of 5G is creating major design challenges for smartphone manufacturers and network operators. To fully support the rollout of 5G services, even greater complexity and tougher requirements have been added to antenna designs and technologies. It is expected that both 5G sub-6 GHz and mmWave antenna technology will be deployed in every major market around the world, with some markets by 2019 and others to follow in 2020.
For end users, mmWave technology supports higher data rates, enabling peak rates of 10 to 20x higher than existing 4G/LTE technology and providing a better wireless experience, especially with AR, VR, AI and ultra-high definition (UHD) video applications.
Dr. Huan-Chu Huang, antenna technical director and principal antenna expert at Vivo, said, “Through this landmark cooperation between Vivo and Qualcomm, Vivo’s industry leadership and innovation on 5G mmWave antenna design will contribute to creating optimal devices for end users. After this successful completion of 5G mmWave antenna design and measurement, based on a Vivo commercial form factor, consumers will soon see the next round of new device designs offering superior performance benefits and a taste of the next-generation mobile experience.
Beyond this collaboration, according to Huang, Vivo is proactively applying for patents and publishing international research papers on mmWave antenna designs, preparing for the arrival of 5G. This latest innovation is another example of Vivo’s dedication to break new ground and to lead in critical industry initiatives such as 5G development.
From the early days of WiGig to 5G mmWave, Vivo has been focused on deep studies and solid works on mmWave antenna designs and technologies. This successful development of 5G mmWave antenna array technology for smartphones denotes a further progression of Vivo’s accumulation of industry-leading technology breakthroughs and capabilities,” said Huang.