VPIphotonics design suite – version 11.2

New release of industry design software for optical transmission systems and photonic components

VPIphotonics Design Suite Version 11.2 provides access to professional application-specific simulation tools and pluggable toolkits. They offer common usability, design process and data analysis capabilities. Version 11.2 delivers advances in simulation and design flow for many applications, such as encoding and digital signal processing for high-speed coherent systems, analysis of signal metrics for intensity modulated direct detection systems, free-space optical communications and multimode coupling, integrated photonics with nonlinear waveguides and microring modulators. Integration with a version control system allows to track changes of the design project in a collaborative environment.

Our software solutions have proven their benefits in winning and successfully performing many research and design projects. With the improved capabilities that are provided in Version 11.2, our design suite is set to deliver the same outstanding results in the future.