ZeroPoint Technologies signs global customer to bring hardware-accelerated compression to hyperscale data centers

ZeroPoint Technologies AB today announced that it has licensed its DenseMem CXL memory expansion solution to a major global semiconductor manufacturer. This agreement marks the first integration by a leading international company of ZeroPoint Technologies’ DenseMem solution, and it will result in Hyperscale-class products with increased performance per watt and significantly lower total cost of ownership.          

Energy consumption related to the megatrend of digitalization is expected to represent more than one-fifth of global energy generation by 2030. DenseMem, which is fully specification-compliant with the Open Compute Project, dramatically increases hyperscale datacenter efficiency, boosting memory performance and bandwidth by 2-4x, increasing performance per watt by 50%, and reducing total cost of ownership by up to 25%.   

“We envision a bold future for computing where memory becomes a heterogeneous layer, rather than a bottleneck,” said Klas Moreau. “At ZeroPoint Technologies, we are committed to providing 2-4 times improvement in memory capacity, while simultaneously lowering the total cost of ownership of enterprise servers and hyperscale data centers.” 

DenseMem increases effective CXL Type 3 Device memory capacity by a factor of 2-4x through transparent, in-line memory compression/decompression, seamlessly integrating into any CXL Type 3 device controller, ASIC, or SoC, while having minimal impact to latency and bandwidth. DenseMem is available as a drag-and-drop IP block, portable across the latest process nodes. ZeroPoint Technologies’ products are lossless, seamless, invisible to operating systems and applications, and platform agnostic.  

ZeroPoint’s technology is 1,000x faster than other compression technologies on the market, which allows data compression across the entire memory hierarchy – all the way from Cache to Storage, including the CXL-connected memory that the DenseMem product addresses. The technology is agnostic to data loads, processor types, architectures, memory technologies, and processing node. Today the company works with many of the most important technology companies in the world to bring the next generation of hardware-accelerated compression and compaction technologies to servers and smart devices, and the company’s IP has already been proven on a TSMC 5nm node.

About ZeroPoint Technologies AB

ZeroPoint Technologies, a spinout from Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden, aims to revolutionize high-performance servers with cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions. Leveraging a robust IP portfolio developed over 15 years, the company specializes in memory compression technology. Founded by Professor Per Stenström and Angelos Arelakis PhD, ZeroPoint collaborates with industry leaders, offering efficient real-time memory compression based on cutting-edge research for product implementation projects and technical evaluations.