Automotive lighting: a building block of autonomous driving

The automotive lighting market is booming. Yole Développement (Yole) announces a US$29 billion market in 2018. According to the market research and strategy consulting company, the automotive lighting sector should reach US$38.8 billion in 2024, at a 4.9% CAGR between 2018 and 2024.

“This growth is driven by natural LED cost erosion, coupled with standardization and optimization of LED modules, resulting in more vehicles equipped with this technology,” analyzes Martin Vallo, PhD. Technology & Market Analyst, Solid-State Lighting at Yole. “Today, automotive lighting is becoming one potential critical node for autonomous driving. Indeed lighting systems could represent a key location for integrating sensors such as local cameras, radar and LiDAR.”

One example is the latest innovation developed by SCALA via the partnership between Valeo and Ibeo: Valeo SCALA Laser Scanner. This mechanical 3D scanner laser is able to identify objects and measure distances in any environment. This innovative product is today designed for vehicles with ADAS[4] and autonomous cars.

“Highly and fully automated driving is about to become reality in the very near future”, asserts Sylvain Hallereau, Senior Cost Analyst, System Plus Consulting. “Driven by lower production costs and the emergence of new technologies, LiDAR is becoming a key component for automotive applications and we expect this market to explode…” The reverse costing company, System Plus Consulting performed a detailed analysis of this solution and propose today a dedicated report. Based on a complete teardown analysis of the system, the study provides bill-of-material, manufacturing cost and more… of this LiDAR sensor. The report includes a detailed physical analysis of the laser diode and the avalanche photodiode as well as a complete cost and selling price analysis.

Without doubts, technology and application evolution brings today more complex systems, more components and subassemblies, while maintaining quality, agree both partners, Yole and System Plus Consulting. One upon a time Advanced Front-Lighting Systems… More info.

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