YG PRESS NEWS – Thermal detectors industry: new opportunities and newcomers to propel the market by 2029

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Four main drivers are fueling the growth and revitalizing the diffusion of thermal detector technologies…


  • The thermal detectors market is expected to grow from US$463 million in 2023 to US$681 million in 2029, with a 6,6% CAGR 23-29.
  • Excelitas, Heimann, Melexis, Calumino, Meridian Innovation… big players and newcomers are experiencing an increasing interest in thermal detectors.
  • Thermal detectors: new technologies boosted by AI could unlock new opportunities.

In its new report Thermal Imaging and Sensing 2024, Yole Group announces that the industrial sector remains the dominant force in the thermal detector industry, particularly dominated by pyroelectric technology detectors. While Chinese companies saw a notable decline in business post-COVID-19, counterparts in the US and Europe stabilized their operations and capitalized on emerging opportunities.

Four primary catalysts are driving growth and rejuvenating the adoption of thermal detector technologies. Thermopile sensors are being incorporated into wearable devices, marking a notable trend in the consumer market. Similarly, the automotive sector is ripe with growth prospects, spurred by vehicle electrification. In the industrial segment, a notable increase in demand is expected due to the emphasis on energy conservation. Additionally, there is a burgeoning interest in the gas sensors market, fuelled by the proliferation of smart appliances and new HVAC regulations in industrial applications.

The medical sector, following a surge in demand, has now reached saturation and is forecasted to decline at an annual rate of 1.7% from 2023 to 2029.

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