Market and Technology Trends

Thermal Imaging and Sensing 2024

By Yole Intelligence

China pivots on thermal imaging technologies, capturing 50% of global shipments in 2023, while Europe still dominates the thermal detector industry.


Report's objectives

This Yole Intelligence report is an updated version of the 2022 report, providing a complete analysis of thermal imaging and sensing markets, applications, and technologies.

This new version provides:

  • New significant trends and evolution in the thermal imaging and sensing industry markets, applications, and business models
  • Presentation of the hot spots where things are moving, along with future high-potential applications
  • Analysis of strategic moves since 2022: mergers and acquisitions, fundraising, etc.
  • Understanding of the competitive environment with an overview of key players, and the evolution of thermal imaging and sensing vendor market share per segment.
  • Updated market data and forecast up to 2029, in value and volume for thermal imagers (microbolometers) and detectors (pyroelectrics and thermopiles)
  • Supply chain description and analysis
  • Latest technology trends

This report thoroughly summarizes the 2023 thermal imaging and sensing market, considering the trends for each application. The report was finalized in early March 2024, so the data is the latest available.


Key Features

  • 2024-2029 forecast for thermal imagers and detectors (Munits, $M)
  • 2024-2029 forecast for silicon wafers for thermal chips
  • Market trends in the different end markets driving the adoption of thermal technologies.
  • Supply chain details for thermal imagers and detectors

What’s new?

  • New segmentations to better fit end-market trends
  • 2024-2029 silicon wafer forecast thermal imagers and detectors

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