Market and Technology Trends

Computing and AI for Robotic Mobility 2024

By Yole Intelligence

Decoding the dynamics of processors in robotaxis, robot shuttles and robot trucks from $14M in 2023 to $1B in 2034. Which strategy Baidu-Apollo, Cruise, Waymo, AutoX, will adopt?


Product objectives

1.Give an overview of the development of Robotic Vehicles, including Robotaxis, Robot Shuttles, and Robot Trucks.

  • What is the deployment status of each of these vehicles? What are we expecting for the next ten years? Forecasts are given for the period 2019-2034 in terms of fleet and production for the three vehicle types.
  • What are the main drivers? What is the level of maturity of the technology?
  • What are the economics of each of these vehicle types?
  • What is the regulatory status in the main regions?

2.Deliver an in-depth analysis of the ecosystem and players for robotic vehicles

  • What is the main news for the last three years? Where are robotic vehicles operating now?
  • Who are the players? Who is the leader? What are the market shares? What are the relationships inside this ecosystem? Who will win the battle for primacy in the autonomous market?
  • What are the various strategies and business models developed by the different companies?
  • What are the key regional trends in the most dynamic geographic areas: the US, China, and Europe?

3.Give an overview of computing and other technologies for robotaxis:

  • What processors are used? What strategies are followed?
  • What are the technology trends?
  • What technologies are used, and what developments are ongoing?
  • Processor volume, ASP, and revenue forecasts for the period 2019-2034
  • Global overview of the trends for sensors and software

4.Deliver an in-depth understanding of the ecosystem and players for processors

  • Will robotaxi companies develop their own processors?
  • Who are the processor companies? What are their relationships with robotic vehicle companies?
  • Which are the key suppliers to watch, and what technologies do they provide?

Key Features 

  • 2019-2034 forecast for Robotic vehicles, including robotaxi, robot shuttle and robot truck (Unit)
  • 2019-2034 forecast processors for robotic vehicles (Unit, $, wafers)
  • Market trends of the robotic mobility
  • Description of existing initiatives and plans for the coming years.
  • Mapping of the main robotic mobility companies
  • Geographical analysis
  • Fundraising analysis
  • Mapping of the main companies involved in the processor for robotic mobility market.
  • Ecosystem and supply chain analysis
  • Processor technology trend analysis

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