Tesla slashes EV, FSD prices in latest strategy shift. The stock keeps falling

Written by Ed Carson for Investor’s Business Daily – Tesla cut EV prices in the U.S., China and Europe over the weekend, as well as slashing the price for Full Self-Driving. They are the latest pricing strategy shifts by the struggling EV giant. TSLA stock fell solidly early Monday after diving last week.

Meanwhile, Tesla CEO Elon Musk postponed a trip to India.

Tesla cuts U.S. EV prices

The Model Y now starts at $42,990 before incentives and excluding taxes and fees. The Model S entry price is $72,990 while the Model X starts at $79,990. The Model Y and Model X are eligible for IRA credits of $7,500.

The Model Y list price is now back to its lowest ever. For much of February, Tesla offered a temporary discount of $1,000, bringing the price to $42,990. After the discount ended, Tesla said that prices would rise by additional $1,000 on April 1, which did happen.

However, in the past week Tesla largely eliminated Model Y inventory discounts, which reached 10% off the list price in some cases. There are still some slight discounts on demo cars.

So, effectively, Tesla Model Y prices are still substantially higher than they were just a few days ago… Full article.

Image: Courtesy of Tesla, 2024