Technology, Process and Cost Comparison

Consumer MEMS Microphone Comparison 2022

By Yole SystemPlus

Detailed technology and cost comparison of 15 MEMS capacitive microphones from: Knowles, Goermicro, Omron, Memsensing, Zilltek, Novosense, BSE, TDK-Invensense, and Hosiden.


  • MEMS microphone design wins in consumer electronics – analysis
  • MEMS microphone teardown analysis
  • Detailed photos
  • Precise measurements
  • Materials analysis
  • Manufacturing process flow
  • Supply chain evaluation
  • Manufacturing cost analysis
  • Estimated selling price
  • Technology and cost comparisons for each MEMS microphone supplier


  • This report is focused on all consumer electronics (smartphones, wearables, tablets, and computing).
  • Teardown survey is presented for all consumer electronics.
  • Analysis of the new MEMS microphone suppliers: Omron, BSE, Memsensing, Zilltek, Hosiden, and Novosense.
  • Supply chain evaluation for ASIC dies and MEMS dies for each MEMS microphone supplier.
  • Package comparison provided: MEMS and ASIC die comparison between the older devices and the different series, including sourcing for every MEMS microphone supplier.
  • Analysis of the double-lid package used for Omron microphones.
  • Analysis of the ASIC die dicing technique with DRIE etching for BSE MEMS microphone component, as well as a cost comparison with traditional mechanical sawing (compared in terms of main advantages, number of potential good dies per wafer, dicing cost per wafer, and dicing cost per each die).
  • Analysis of the 4-transducer MEMS microphone supplied by TDK Invensense and made on SOI wafer.
  • Analysis of MEMS microphones compared in terms of diaphragm areas, diaphragm thicknesses, backplate thicknesses, and acoustic hole diameters.
  • MEMS microphones, with available data on their performance (SNR), were compared based on:
    • Diaphragm area vs. SNR
    • Diaphragm thickness vs. SNR

In the Cost Comparison part, we provide the data on wafer front-end cost distribution by ASIC and MEMS die cost; packaging cost; final test; and calibration and yield losses cost. These estimations were made based on our cost analysis of the microphones.

Other comparisons made in the Cost Comparison part:

  • MEMS die cost vs. substrate used (silicon wafer or SOI wafer).
  • MEMS wafer front-end cost vs. die cost per area for each analyzed MEMS microphone.
  • MEMS microphone cost comparison and MEMS front-end cost comparison were made for the components in Memsensing, Zilltek, Omron, and TDK-Invensense devices.
  • Comparison between MEMS die cost and SNR (only for the devices for which the data was available).

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