Market and Technology Trends

DRAM Modules 2023

By Yole Intelligence

Despite grim short-term perspectives, the DRAM module market will reach ~$96B in 2028 from ~$42B in 2022, pushed by DDR5 and data center applications.


Key Features

The most important aspects covered in this report are:

  • Description of DRAM-module technologies and market forecasts in terms of form factors (e.g., UDIMM, SODIMM, LRDIMM, RDIMM, etc.) and DDR interface generations.
  • Description and market forecasts for memory-interface ICs, including register clock drivers (RCD) and data buffers (DB), as well as other key DIMM components – among which are power management integrated circuits (PMICs), temperatures sensors (TSs), and serial presence-detect (SPD) hubs.
  • Insights on key technology trends, including processing-in-memory (PIM), persistent memory (PM), and the Compute Express Link (CXL) interface.

Product objectives

Yole Intelligence is glad to provide you with our brand-new memory report, DRAM Modules 2023, offering a detailed technology and market analysis of dual in-line memory modules (DIMM) for servers and personal computers. The main objectives of this report are as follows:

  • Deliver an in-depth analysis of DRAM-module technologies and their markets as a function of the interfaces and the module types.
  • Present the DIMM chipset market and its key technology trends.
  • Offer a 2021 - 2028 market forecast for DRAM modules and the DIMM chipset.
  • Describe the DRAM-module ecosystem and the players’ dynamics.
  • Present key technology trends offering growth opportunities for the DRAM-module industry.

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