Market and Technology Trends

Laser Equipment and Technologies for Semiconductor Manufacturing

By Yole Intelligence

The laser equipment and technology market will reach $1.1B in 2027 with a strong MicroLED industrialization push

Key Features

  • Manufacturing process flows
  • Supply chain evaluation
  • Emerging technologies
  • Technical roadmaps
  • Market shares
  • Five-year forecasts for tool shipments and revenue
  • Key laser equipment suppliers by process step
  • Focus on four main process steps: wafer dicing, debonding, annealing and marking.
  • Emerging technologies: ingot wafer slicing, pulsed laser deposition
  • Other applications: glass microbonding and capping, wafer-level trimming and drilling.

What's new

  • Emergence of ultra-short pulse (USP) lasers
  • MicroLEDs are redefining displays and offer huge opportunities for laser equiment manufacturers
  • Full distinction of the semiconductor and advanced substrate ecosystems
  • 5-year forecasts: finer breakdowns for applications, devices and/or laser technologies.
  • Updated technical roadmaps
  • Special attention to laser lift-off and laser mass-transfer processes

Product objectives

  • Highlighting new technologies and market trends that have taken place since 2017
  • Providing an overview of laser technological trends
  • Summarizing laser technology’s current adoption status and the various laser types available on the market with a closer focus on USP lasers that have strongly emerged over the past five years
  • Providing an overview of laser technology trends  

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