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Yole Group analysts discuss the current slowdown in demand for wafer fab equipment and explain why some market segments and applications will do much better than others in 2023

During this webinar, analysts from Yole Intelligence, part of Yole Group, will discuss what’s happening in the wafer fab equipment market and why, and what steps suppliers need to take to stay ahead of the competition.
These are turbulent times, so it’s easy to lose track of where we are in the cycle. Our team of experts will explain what signs of recovery to look for so that you can be ready when the market takes off. While most wafer fab equipment suppliers will have a tough year, suppliers to specialty and advanced packaging markets are exempt from this trend and will grow in 2023.
The discussion will explore what’s driving these pockets of growth and why they are becoming more attractive to the tier 1 OEMS.

This webinar will highlight:

  • The current status of the wafer fab equipment market.
  • Indicators to look out for to show the recovery has started.
  • The market and technology trends that are driving change.
  • Why equipment demand for specialty and advanced packaging applications is growing in line with or even faster than mainstream semiconductor applications.

Do you have questions for Yole Group analysts focused on Wafer Fab Equipment?

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