Performance Analysis

MiniLED Displays 2023 - Performance and optical construction comparison

By Piseo

Comparison of architectural and optical performance of five MiniLED displays based on measurement and independent analysis.


Key Features

  • Description of the MiniLED-based backlight unit technology.
  • Comparison of the backlight unit architecture of the five displays, each being made of several optical films,
  • Comparison and analysis of the five displays, at product and at backlight unit levels, on:
    • brightness performance,
    • local dimming zone, contrast and halo performance,
    • color performance,
    • SDR Gamma and Video HDR10 EOTF,
    • artifacts (flicker and reflectance).
  • Opinion of PISÉO on the different technologies used by the five analyzed displays.

Product objectives

  • While manufacturers are announcing displays based on MiniLED, Apple, Samsung, TCL, and Skyworth claim to use technologies such as Quantum Dots, OD zero, Full-Array Local Dimming, and Chip-On-Glass technology. These technologies should improve the display’s brightness, contrast, and color purity. This report compares the optical performance of MiniLED backlight units and analyzes the role of each technology in the optical performance of displays:
  • What is the MiniLED backlight unit.
  • How is it made?
  • Comparison of the features of each backlight unit.
  • Comparison of the architecture employed in the backlight unit to increase optical performance.
  • Comparison of the key performance of each display.
  • Analysis of the relationship between the performance of the BLU and the performance of the display.


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