Market and Technology Trends

RF for Connected Vehicle 2023

By Yole Intelligence

Automotive connectivity module market projected to reach $6.2B by 2028, driven by increasing demand for advanced connectivity and safety solutions.


Key Features

  • Forecast for TCU by radio (2G,3G,4G,5G) and region (Europe, US, China, Japan/Korea, Rest of the World)
  • Forecast for OBU by radio (DSRC,C-V2X) and region
  • Forecast for NAD module by radio and region
  • Forecast for V2X module by radio and region
  • Forecast for chipset & RF front end components by radio and region
  • Market share for TCU & OBU Tier1
  • Market share for NAD & V2X module Tier2
  • Market share for automotive connectivity chipsets
  • Market share for automotive connectivity RFFE components
  • Market trends in Telematics
  • Market trends in V2X
  • Overview Telematics & V2X supply chain


Product objectives 

Yole has combined its long expertise in semiconductor and its deep knowledge of  automotive connectivity technologies and market to deliver this first edition of the “RF for connected vehicles” report, which has the following main objectives:

  • Provide market metrics and forecasts for automotive connectivity:
    • Forecast for connectivity module (TCU and OBU) by air standard and region.
    • Forecast for connectivity sub-module (NAD and V2X) by air standard and region.
    • Forecast for connectivity and GNSS chipset.
    • Forecast for RFFE components by type of component.
  • Analyze the drivers and challenges for automotive connectivity adoption:
    • Market trends for V2X and Telematics.
  • Present main technological trends and ongoing developments on automotive connectivity with a focus on 5G RedCap and GNSS correction services:
    • Global 2015-2030 roadmap for automotive connectivity deployment (3GPP, NCAP, Regulations…).
    • TCU and OBU architectural trends towards conformal antenna.
    • GNSS positioning and correction service trends.
    • Detailed BoM analysis.
    • Significant chipsets launch.
    • 5G RedCap technological analysis.
  • Oversee the main players across the automotive connectivity supply chain:
    • Overview of the automotive connectivity ecosystem. Key players by technology, application and location.
    • Detailed Market Shares analysis of OEM, Module, Sub-Module, Chipset and RFFE components.
  • Analyze how the business models and supply-chains are evolving:
    • Recent acquisitions and funding. Latest company news.

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