Market and Technology Trends

Solid-State Drives 2023

By Yole Intelligence

The SSD market will be driven by enterprise workloads requiring low-latency storage. It will reach around $67B in 2028.


Key Features

  • Description of SSD technologies and market forecasts in terms of form factors (e.g., 2.5”/U.2, mSATA/M.2, BGA, EDSFF, AIC/Other) and interfaces (e.g., SAS, SATA (AHCI), PCIe (NVMe)) for enterprise and client applications.
  • Additional analysis is provided for the interface mix of the diverse PCIe generations.
  • Description and market forecast on SSD controllers by SSD interfaces.
  • Description of the SSD supply chain and the players’ dynamics.
  • Insights on key technology trends including Compute-Express Link (CXL), Storage Class Memory (SCM), Computational Storage Drives (CSD) and DNA-Based storage.

Product objectives

After the “DRAM Modules 2023” report, Yole Intelligence is glad to provide you with the brand-new memory report “Solid-State Drives (SSDs) 2023”. It offers a detailed technology and market analysis of SSDs for client and enterprise, classified by form factor and interface. The main objectives of this report are as follows: 

  • Deliver an in-depth analysis of SSD technologies and their markets. 
  • Present the SSD controller market and its technology trends. 
  • Offer 2021-2028 market forecast for SSDs and SSD controllers. 
  • Describe the SSD ecosystem and the player dynamics. 
  • Present key technology trends offering growth opportunities for the DRAM-module industry. 

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