Market and Technology Trends

VCSEL 2023

By Yole Intelligence

Projected at $1.4B by 2028, the VCSEL market still relies on smartphone applications with a 3% growth while auto and industry should rise at 71% and 10%, respectively


Key Features 

  • 2021-2028 forecast VCSELs (Munits, $M)
  • 2021-2033 forecast for light sources in automotive LiDARs.
  • Market trends in mobile and consumer, automotive and mobility, datacom, industrial, and medical.
  • Insights on new technologies for infrared VCSELs: long-wavelength VCSELs, polarized optics, backside emitting VCSELs.

What’s new?

  • Correction of the VCSEL market for datacom application
  • Deep insight into infrared VCSEL technologies

Product Objectives

  • Provide market data on the various VCSEL applications
    • Volume and revenue by application and market segment
    • Average selling price (ASP) and expected developments
    • Ranking of the top five VCSEL manufacturers
  • Deliver an in-depth understanding of the VCSEL business value chain, players and trends:
    • Global list of VCSEL manufacturers
    • Supply chain information for mobile and automotive applications
    • Supply chain analysis
    • Analysis of VCSEL drivers
  • Give insights on manufacturing and associated challenges
    • What is a VCSEL?
    • Analysis of the visible-light and NIR VCSEL industries
    • Insights on technology improvements: backside emitting, long wavelength, polarization multiplexing

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