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Yole Group is exhibitor!

Once again in 2023, we will be part of the exhibitor and glad to get the opportunity to meet our customers and business partners, establish new contacts in the industry and help drive your business forward.

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In its 13th year, the flagship event for the global compound semiconductor industry returns to Brussels in April – bringing together key players from across the supply chain, for two-days of technical tracks and exhibit opportunities.

The CS International conference attracts high-profile names from industry and academia, delivering presentations that fall within five key themes: Ultrafast Communication; Making Headway with the MicroLED; Taking the Power from Silicon, New Vectors for the VCSEL, and Ultra-wide Bandgap Devices.

Delegates attending will gain insight into device technology, find out about the current status and the roadmap for the compound semiconductor industry, and discover the latest advances in tools and processes that will drive up fab yields and throughputs.

Yole Group will be part of the event with:

Technology & Market Analyst, Compound Semiconductors & Emerging Substrates

Yole Intelligence part of Yole Group

Tuesday, April 18
Session: Ultrafast communication: New generations and higher efficiencies
4:45pm: A growing Telecom Infrastructure Market for GaN RF as opportunities for GaN-on-Si

At the dawn of this new decade, the two market drivers for Radio Frequency (RF) GaN (Gallium Nitride) remain Telecom Infrastructure and Defense. GaN on SiC (Silicon Carbide) is established and becoming a serious rival to LDMOS (Laterally Depleted Metal Oxide Semiconductor) and GaAs (Gallium Arsenide) in RF power applications. GaN on Si (Silicon) is showing attractiveness from the industry driven by emerging Telecom infrastructure applications in Sub6GHz and mmWave frequencies such as Small Cells and Active Antenna Systems. The total GaN RF market value will increase from $1.2B to more than $2.8B with a Compound Annual Growth Rate for the period from 2021 to 2027 (CAGR2021-2027) of 16%. This talk will present GaN’s positioning and its market evolution in 5G market, as well as in 6G network which is the next milestone for telecom infrastructure industry.

Technology & Market Analyst, Compound Semiconductors & Emerging Substrates

Yole Intelligence part of Yole Group

Wednesday, April 19
Session: New vectors for the VCSEL
9:30am: Consumer applications: A sweet spot for SWIR VCSELs

In the past, the VCSEL market was driven by datacom applications which represented the first volume application for VCSELs. However, in 2017 Apple released the iPhone X which implemented VCSELs for face recognition and therefore a blistering demand in the GaAs VCSEL for 3D sensing has been witnessed. This was a game changer, and in 2018, the mobile and consumer market became the dominant market for VCSELs, and it has almost doubled in 2022. As of today, the VCSEL applications are mainly dominated by the Near-InfraRed (NIR) regime (840nm-940 nm) which is GaAs based. At Yole intelligence, we are spotting a major interest in shifting the VCSELs wavelength to the SWIR range (13xx-15xx nm). For instance, Below OLED 3D sensing, Rear LiDAR in smartphones for AR/VR applications are considered major growth vectors for the SWIR VCSELs market. What will be the material platform for SWIR VCSELs? Who are the traditional players and new entrants in the VCSELs business? And how will the market evolve in the next 5 years? In this presentation, Yole intelligence will provide answers to these questions.


Oluwasayo LOTO,
Technology and Cost Analyst

Yole SystemPlus

Wednesday, April 19
Session: Ultra-wide band gap devices: The ultimate solution?
3:15pm: Cost Advantage of Wide Band Gap Semiconductor

Wide band gap semiconductors such as Gallium Nitride (GaN) and Silicon Carbide (SiC) are rapidly being adopted in consumer electronics, Electric Vehicles and other industrial applications. These materials not only offer performance benefits but also cost advantages. In this talk, the cost comparison between Si, GaN and SiC devices we be discussed and propositions for further cost savings in the utilization of these materials will be highlighted.

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