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2023 witnesses the exciting inaugural event of Power Electronics International.


Yole Group is exhibitor!

Once again in 2023, we will be part of the exhibitor and glad to get the opportunity to meet our customers and business partners, establish new contacts in the industry and help drive your business forward.

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The power electronics industry is incredibly upbeat. Sales of silicon devices are continuing to climb, while revenue is rocketing for the more recent arrivals, SiC and GaN.
Power Electronics International shall look at the factors behind this growth, the challenges that are arising, and what the future will hold. This two-day conference will gain insights into the state of play and the opportunities that beckon through many dedicated talks and associated panel discussions covering the following five themes: Electric vehicles: Driving the SiC revolution; GaN: Carving out niches in consumer electronics; Safeguarding silicon’s successes; Strengthening supply chains; and Perfecting the package.

Yole Group will be part of the event with:


Technology & Market Analyst, Compound Semiconductors and Emerging Substrates

Yole Intelligence part of Yole Group

Tuesday, April 18
Session: GaN: Carving out niches in consumer electronics
10:00am: Growth opportunities for Power GaN beyond the Consumer market

Power GaN business took off in the consumer market starting from 2018-2019, when it has been significantly adopted in smartphone “in-box” and accessory fast chargers. Since then, the technology has been widely chosen as a solution replacing traditional silicon to make more efficient and more compact power supplies. This led to device market growth of about 138% between 2021 and 2022, with most of players more than doubling their revenues. Besides continuing penetration in the consumer power supply market, Yole sees more expansion opportunities coming for Power GaN which will be the focus of this presentation.


Senior Technology & Market Analyst, Power Electronics

Yole Intelligence part of Yole group

Wednesday, April 19
Session: Electric vehicles: Driving the SiC revolution
12:05pm: Are you prepared for the shifting paradigm of SiC supply chain for BEV?

SiC is surely the focus of vehicle electrification, both for light duty and for heavy duty vehicles. There will be solid growth in the main traction inverters in the next decade. This potential is huge enough to bring changes to the paradigm of the supply chain, which is greatly enhanced by the chip shortage in the past two years. Normally automotive OEMs stay at one end of the cascading supply chain of automotive electronics. Semiconductor device suppliers, including power modules, on one side, cooperate dominantly with Tier 2 (system) suppliers; on the other side, are in direct contact with upstream material suppliers. However, with SiC, where the material itself is critical, there is increasing vertical integration seen on various parts of the supply chain. Traditional power device manufacturers are extending the IDM business to the material side. What is worth of more attention is the increasing trend of OEMs getting down to the supply chain, with various strategies. With detailed analysis on the pros and cons of typical OEMs’ practices, suggestions are proposed to the power device IDMs, module manufacturers, fabless, foundries, substrate suppliers to embrace the new paradigm likely lasting for the next decades.


Team Lead Analyst Compound Semiconductor & Emerging Substrates

Yole Intelligence part of Yole Group

Wednesday, April 19
Session: Strengthening supply chains
03:35pm: A new rhythm in Power Electronics ecosystems with emergence of SiC and GaN

A new era has begun with arrival and emergence of wide band gap semiconductors SiC and GaN in high volume automotive and consumer electronic markets over the last decade. While mainstream Silicon markets continue to expand, SiC and GaN have brought superior performance and new application possibilities. Tremendous investments have been poured and the WBG industry doesn’t seem to slow down the pace. How does the industry adapt to these new technology platforms? Will there be enough wafers and devices for all? Yole will give its insights on supply chain strengthening in this presentation.

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