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focusING on emerging micro optics technologies and applications

Micro optics are small-scale optical components that are typically less than a few millimeters in size. These components can be used to manipulate light in a variety of ways, such as focusing or shaping the beam, splitting, or combining beams, or changing its polarization. Some of the main applications of micro optics include: telecommunications (in fiber optic networks to control the direction and intensity of light signals), biomedical imaging (in endoscopes and other medical imaging devices to focus light and capture images), sensing (to detect changes in light intensity or wavelength, which can indicate the presence of specific gases, chemicals, or biological compounds), laser systems (to shape the beams of lasers, making them more efficient or more precise), and displays (to manipulate light, such as in projectors or augmented/virtual reality devices). Overall, micro optics have a wide range of applications across many different fields, and their small size makes them particularly useful for applications where space is limited or precision is required. This conference focuses on emerging micro optics technologies and applications.

Yole Group will be the guest speaker with:

Team Lead Analyst, Imaging & Display

Yole Intelligence

Tuesday, August 1
10:25 am: Micro-Optics Technology Advancements, Industry Landscape, and Market Insights for Sensors and Displays

In the rapidly evolving landscape of miniaturized devices, it is crucial to acknowledge the indispensable role of micro-optics, as we are reaching the limits of Physics. This talk delves into the realm of continuous R&D efforts and industrial processes that drive the creation of novel use cases for smartphones and wearables. Join us as we provide an overview of the latest technology advancements, examine key industry players’ positioning, and offer valuable market insights. We plan on highlighting how micro-optics are unlocking the true potential of sensors and displays in this.

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