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This is the second edition of TechBlick’s event dedicated to mini and microLED technologies. It will highlight the full spectrum of technological and market developments in the field, covering all aspects including market analysis, novel LED growth on Si and other substrates, innovative transfer techniques, latest color conversation and novel approaches to RGB displays, drivers and backplanes, repair and inspection, manufacturing and scale up, products and demonstrators, etc. The event will bring together OEMs, leading market researchers, as well as innovative start-ups and commercially impactful researchers. This event will be part of the TechBlick online event series and will be specifically co-located with an event on “Quantum Dots: Material Innovations and Commercial Applications.

Yole Group will be part of program with:

Eric VIREY, PhD.
Senior Analyst – Displays

Yole Intelligence

November 29, 2023
6:50 pm – Can microLED succeed in high volume consumer applications?

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