A view from the outside – Evatec’s portrait

Evatec is strategically positioned to continue its rapid growth in the thin film market with an enhanced technology portfolio, focused innovation and excellence in customer support. Evatec has grown out of a long tradition and history in thin film deposition, going back 70 years, to the Gerätebau-Anstalt (Equipment-making Institution) and to Balzers Coatings, originating in 1946 in Balzers, Liechtenstein.

This article has been written by Thibault Buisson, BU Manager, Advanced Packaging & Semiconductor Manufacturing at Yole Développement.

Starting with an objective of developing and manufacturing systems for production of thin film coatings on an industrial scale, the first production site was established in 1957 in Trubbach, Switzerland, the same beautiful Alpine location where Evatec’s headquarters are found today.

From those first vacuum based systems providing simple anti-reflection coatings for camera lenses,. Evatec today provides flexible platforms for thin film deposition not just for the optical world but across, Advanced Packaging, Power Devices, Wireless Communication, MEMS, and Optoelectronics too.

The company has grown significantly over the years through internal development but the acquisition of the Advanced Technologies segment of Oerlikon in 2015 has largely enhanced the capabilities of Evatec in its core markets as well as added new markets. Mergers and acquisitions are not always successful, but here is a great example of a fruitful and symbiotic integration of two similarly sized businesses into a new more powerful entity. Of course, sharing the same culture has helped a lot (both originate from the same parent company), but, even though product portfolios were complementary, a strong strategic vision was critical. As a result the product portfolio was enlarged, opening new opportunities for the new organization as a whole. Evatec’s strength in providing batch systems, has been greatly augmented by the capabilities of Oerlikon, a very well-known single substrate equipment supplier to the semiconductor, touch screen and PV industry. Building on the combined strengths and expertise, Evatec has widened its ability to support a broad spectrum of applications, providing a complete set of innovative solutions that can address both low and high-end markets. Evatec has a great future ahead and opportunities to both build and strengthen its position in the existing markets and to penetrate new markets.

Full article is available on evatec website. To read the full magazine, click: LAYER 2016 magazine.

This article has been written in collaboration with Rozalia Beica, formerly CTO & Business Unit Director of Yole Développement.