BMZ to focus on sodium-ion battery cells

The BMZ is pleased to announce the company’s new sodium-ion battery cell products under the brand name NaTE
SERIES. The NaTE SERIES battery cell product range will include cylindrical and prismatic cell formats. Series production is slated to start in mid-2025.

The BMZ , a pioneer in the lithium-ion battery market with its own lithiumion battery cell production under the TerraE brand, is expanding its battery cell portfolio and its range of batteries for various applications and markets to include sodium-ion battery cells as a result of extensive analysis and research. The first prototypes are already being tested with cell formats 26700 and 32140 and are developed to series maturity. Further cell formats will follow. While specific customer projects are now underway and there is capacity to meet additional demand, series production is slated to start around summer 2025.

BMZ’s decision to integrate the new cell chemistry into its product range is based upon the technological benefits of the sodium-ion cell technology. These batteries are particularly safe because sodium is less reactive than lithium and not prone to
dendrite formation (short circuit risk). Other contributing factors are the higher availability and therefore greater environmental friendliness, as no rare, toxic, or difficult-to-extract materials are required. The sodium-ion technology also boasts outstanding results in low temperatures. And finally, the cost structure is also advantageous.

On account of the excellent energy density, however, the BMZ will continue to produce battery cells and batteries based on lithium-ion technology. The lithium-ion technology will continue to lead the way for all applications in which battery space is critical.

BMZ CEO & Founder Sven Bauer comments: “Batteries are an indispensable part of all aspects of our professional and private lives. Our objective has always been to design safe battery solutions for greater independence and an improved
global CO2 footprint. This is why, year after year, we are investing almost half of our profits in R&D. The sodium-ion technology offers us and our customers unique new opportunities as well as rapidly growing market potential, and we are looking forward to breaking new ground together. However, it does not mean that we are abandoning any existing technologies. As a pioneer in lithium-ion battery technology, we have made history in the world of batteries, and we continue to value their unrivaled energy density. Thanks to our many years of expertise, we are the industry experts who can give customers sound advice on which cell chemistry to use for any given application. The sodium-ion technology is the perfect solution for applications where energy density is not paramount. This includes industrial and home storage systems or industrial trucks, such as forklifts.”

The NaTE SERIES is developed and distributed by TerraE GmbH, a 100% subsidiary
of the global BMZ.