BOE to invest $155 million in a 12-inch wafer OLED microdisplay project

BOE announced it is raising new funds (a total of $3 billion) towards several projects, including an increase at its stake at its LCD lines and increase the capital at its 6-gen flexible AMOLED line in Chongqing.

According to the reports from China, one of these projects is a $155 million USD project to develop 12-inch OLED microdisplay production. This is a large sum that will also likely include funds to actually start 12-inch production and not just R&D.

In March 2017 OLED maker BOE Technology and OLED microdisplay maker OLiGHTEK announced a new joint-venture to produce OLED microdisplays for the consumer VR and AR markets. In September 2019 BOE started shipping a 0.39″ Full-HD (1920×1080, 5644 PPI) one, and the company now started shipping a larger 0.71″ Full-HD panel as well. These two displays are now available on the OLED Marketplace.

In December 2018 BOE announced its second, and larger, OLED microdisplay fab in Yunnan, which will cost a total of $486 million. It could be that the new funds now being raised will be used in the Yunnan fab, maybe to enhance it to 12-inch OLED microdisplay production.

OLED microdisplay developer Seeya Information Technology is the only company, we believe, that is currently producing OLED microdisplays on 12-inch silicon wafers. Seeya’s fab, now in operation, has a yearly capacity of around 20 million displays (monthly capacity of 9,000 12″ wafers).

Seeya produces several OLED microdisplays, including a 0.49″ FHD, 1.03″ 2560×2560 and a large 1.4″ 2560×2560 display, and these displays are also available at the OLED marketplace.