CAF has been awarded a new contract from Sporveien to deliver 20 M4000 metro trains to the city of Oslo in Norway.

Sporveien, the public urban transport operator for the municipality of Oslo, has once again placed its trust in CAF to supply vehicles to operate in the Norwegian capital’s urban transport system. In this case, the agreement with CAF includes the supply of 20 metro trains and their corresponding spare parts, with an option to increase the number of units by up to 90 additional units. The base contract exceeds a value of €150 million, which would increase significantly should the customer decide to implement the established options. 

The Oslo metro, or T-Bane, is one of the most used means of transport in the city, with more than 85 kilometres of track, split into 6 lines. The new M4000 units for the metro will be vehicles based on CAF’s metro platform, called INNEO. These are 3-car two-way units, each of which will have 3 double doors on each side. This design will ensure easy and quick access, thereby optimising stopping times at each of the stations. 

The trains will be designed to operate in the severe weather conditions in the Norwegian capital, including snow and extreme temperatures. All bogies will be motor bogies, improving the grip and traction of the unit during operation. Furthermore, the vehicles will also be equipped with on-board batteries, enabling them to reach the next station in the event of an accidental power cut or to manoeuvre at the operator’s depot if required. All of the above prioritises efficient energy consumption in order to achieve a sustainable vehicle. Finally, the vehicles will also be prepared to be fully automated for GoA4 autonomous driving if required in the future. 

This investment forms part of the operator Sporveien’s strategy to meet the anticipated increase in passengers using its services in the coming years. This will enable the company to achieve its goal of increasing transport capacity while also contributing to achieving safer, more efficient and sustainable transport. 

This is the third contract that the CAF has been awarded in the past few years for the city of Oslo, following a contract in 2022 to supply 183 electric articulated buses, which have been running on the streets of Oslo since last year, and the contract to supply 87 trams which are currently in the process of being delivered. All of the above confirms CAF’s recognised expertise as a supplier of the most extensive and cutting-edge range of zero-emission collective transport solutions for today’s towns and cities.