Cellmax, medigen biotech partner in colorectal cancer clinical trials

CellMax Life said that it has partnered with Taiwan-based Medigen Biotech as part of the firm’s cell therapy clinical trials. Medigen will integrate CellMax’s CMx circulating tumor cell (CTC) platform with its liquid biopsy panel to examine patient treatment selection and response.

As part of the open-label, multicenter, single arm clinical trial, the team plans to enroll patients with stage II and III colorectal cancer that has separately been surgically resected or in addition to being treated with chemotherapy.

The partners will start the Phase I trial later this year with patients who test positive on the CMx test to receive the natural killer cell therapy treatment. The firms have designed the trial to track patients’ cancer status multiple times during treatment, using the CMx blood test to determine treatment response.

CellMax’s blood test isolates and analyzes both CTCs and cell-free DNA from a sample of blood to detect six types of analytes, including four classes of genomic mutations, microsatellite instability, and CTCs.