China’s first high-altitude variable renewable energy dominated electric power system successfully put into operation

52 sets of grid-forming energy storage synchronous black start successfully, stable support for the mining load of Laguo resources. This marks  Laguo Salt Lake lithium “source-network-load-storage” variable renewable energy dominated electric power system, located at an altitude of 4,700 meters, formally put into operation. The project based on NR Electric grid-forming energy storage solution, , daily average savings of about 2 million yuan of diesel power generation costs, achieved the  economic, high quality,clean and reliable power supply for mining industry load.

Laguo source-network-load-storage project is a typical variable renewable energy dominated electric power system, which has no electrical connection with the external grid, and consists of 115MWp photovoltaic, 65MW/130MWh grid-forming energy storage, 85Mvar STATCOM, 35MW impact lithium extraction load and 30MW adjustable electric boiler load. For the power system due to high proportion of variable renewable energy and power electronic equipment access, there are challenges for insufficient system voltage active support capability , the lack of rotational moment of inertia, weak damping and  power scheduling difficulties. Based on detailed system study, NR Electric proposed the source-network-load-storage solution based on grid-forming technology, including grid-forming energy storage, source-network-load-storage coordination control device and scheduling system. The solution is based on grid-forming energy storage, in the framework of the power stability control, through the multi-objective, multi-timescale source-network-load-storage rapid coordination control and optimization of scheduling control, to achieve the safe and stable operation of the variable renewable energy dominated electric power system.

NR continues to make breakthroughs in the field of source-network-load-storage technology, innovatively realizes the technical breakthroughs such as empty charging transformer of grid-forming energy storage, voltage and frequency hundred milliseconds level rapid recovery, grid-forming energy storage wide-area load state application optimization, one-key system rapid start-stop and intelligent scheduling and operation and maintenance, which effectively enhances the power supply quality of the off-grid system, and significantly reduces the system operation and maintenance workload.

The successful commissioning of the Lago Salt Lake lithium extraction “source-network-load-storage” project is another successful practice of NR in the field of variable renewable energy dominated electric power system. The project relies on advanced grid-forming technology and source-network-load-storage integration solution, for mining load provides economic, high quality, uninterrupted power support.