CPS Fluidics acquires Hexano to expand Its microfluidics market reach

We are happy to announce the successful integration of Hexano into the CPS Fluidics family. Hexano was founded in 2018 with a focus on the manufacturing and prototyping of microfluidic devices.

With this acquisition, we welcome onboard Andre Babineau, founder of Hexano. Andre is a licensed mechanical engineer who has previously worked in plastic injection molding and plastic microfluidics design. His new role at CPS Fluidics will be as VP of Sales. Andre’s market reach and insight will allow us to increase our domestic and international sales outreach of our microfluidic and flow cell manufacturing services.

“One of my main drivers to join the CPS Fluidics team is the ability to offer a more tailored and engineered solution for microfluidics. Being able to give design inputs earlier in the cycle will guarantee a better manufacturable product at commercial scale.” – Andre Babineau, Founder of Hexano.