EMCORE advances photonic integrated chip (PIC) technology integrating PIC into all open-loop fiber optic gyro (FOG)-based products

EMCORE the world’s largest independent provider of inertial navigation solutions to the aerospace and defense industry, announced the advancement of Photonic Integrated Chip (PIC) technology and integration into all of the Company’s open-loop FOG-based products.

PIC technology resulted from three years of development and began integration into EMCORE’s previous generation open-loop designs in late 2021 through 2022, culminating with the launch of the TAC-450 Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), EMCORE’s first IMU series with PIC Inside™, and the new TAC-450 single- and multi-axis FOGs.

The PIC enables significantly improved reliability, unit-to-unit repeatability, durability, outstanding shock/vibration tolerance, and easier integration for exceptional navigation capability and environmental robustness in challenging applications. The technology is based on the groundbreaking integrated optical chip that replaces individual fiber optic components with a silicon waveguide system that results in improved optical performance by simplifying the handmade optical couplers, polarizers, and two splices incorporated within a gyro assembly.

“Our PIC-based products are transforming EMCORE’s inertial sensor tactical product platform with more products sharing common software, electronics, and circuit boards,” said Matthew Vargas, Vice President of Sales for EMCORE. “We’ve seen broad acceptance in the market with the greater flexibility to tailor these precision PIC-based FOGs and IMUs to our customer’s needs,” added Mr. Vargas.

EMCORE is now introducing a program for customers of previous-generation open-loop FOG, IMU, and INS products to upgrade to a PIC-based unit. This includes the DSP-3000 series, DSP-17xx products, and GEO-FOG INS. The replaced optical circuit will then carry a new 1-year warranty.