EVBox Livo launches integration with energy management system TQ

EVBox, a provider in electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, has been testing different Energy Management Systems (EMS) manufacturers through the EEBus standardization with AC chargers EVBox Livo (home charging station) and EVBox Liviqo (commercial charging station). 

These EMS platforms provide a solution for the increase in energy usage that comes with EV charging. Now, EVBox Livo is fully tested with  the EEBus-capable EMS from TQ, allowing EV drivers to save on their energy bills and take control of their energy usage with solar panels, battery storage, and heat pumps. EVBox Livo can connect with an increasing number of EEBus-capable EMS providers like TQ, giving homeowners the opportunity to optimize their utilization of energy sources, such as renewable energy generated by solar panels. 

EVBox and TQ are advocates for EEBus as the universal language for energy management, simplifying interoperable communication between electrical producers, consumers and storage. As electric mobility is rapidly growing and becoming the new normal in the near future, solution standardization must meet the ever-changing needs. Across Europe, homeowners are looking to electrify their homes to reduce their carbon footprint and save on their energy bill. EEBus is ready for future developments in energy management, so that the impact that comes from EV charging on electricity grids can be alleviated. With the open standard EEBus, EVBox Livo can communicate with TQ-Systems home EMS platform via a plug and play solution, allowing a seamless, compatible solution with the grid operator. 

Home charging meets smart energy management 

With the increased popularity of solar panels, feeding surplus electricity back into the grid has become more expensive in various markets. TQ’s EMS can help to make better use of your solar panels, by charging an EV when there is surplus electricity available. This means that more solar and less grid energy is used within the household, and helps to avoid high energy bills. 

Pairing with an energy manager like TQ can be easily done via the EVBox Install app, with no extra hardware needed. The EMS can be searched for in the network and automatically detected and paired.  

“TQ-Automation has been working to integrate EEBus as a pioneer from the start. With the open standard EEBus the charging stations from EVBox can communicate with the TQ-Systems HEMS products via a plug and play solution. The big advantage is that customers don’t need to worry anymore about compatibility when using EEBus. TQ-Automation sees EEBus as the standard for communication in energy management applications to enable interoperability across different manufacturers”.
Thomas Zwanziger (Head of Business Unit TQ-Automation at TQ-Group)

“Through the open EEBus standard, we at EVBox empower EV drivers to optimize their energy usage and reduce energy costs. This collaboration with TQ-Systems reflects our commitment to make EV charging a part of the solution in the transition towards renewable energy by driving open standards.” Rombout Heesterman (Director of Product Management, Home Charging at EVBox)