First “5G Next-Generation eCall” test cases submitted for GCF approval

Rohde & Schwarz is the first organization to submit 5G next-generation eCall (NGeCall) protocol test cases to the 3GPP Global Certification Forum (GCF). It’s also launching a 5G NGeCall application option to simulate the public safety answering point (PSAP) functions needed for end-to-end conformance tests to verify the interoperability of the equipment under test.

Both additions to the R&S eCall portfolio can support early testing of 5G NGeCall systems using the R&S CMX500 one-box tester. A mandatory requirement for all new cars in the EU since 2018, eCall systems use 2G/3G circuit-switched cellular networks, but will migrate to the latest 4G/5G packet-switched cellular networks.

The automotive industry needs NGeCall test solutions to deliver eCall modules that include the new NGeCall functions, compliant with Technical Specification CEN TS17240 for protocol conformance test cases. It also specifies additional end-to-end conformance test cases for eCall as stipulated by 3GPP and the Internet Engineering Task Force.

Test case package PCT5-KC625, which runs on the R&S CMX500, was recently released by the company. The test cases were validated by the GCF, setting the foundation to meet the test requirements for successful NGeCall type approval. The R&S CMX-KA098 software package for the R&S CMX500 comes with an integrated PSAP for 5G NGeCall, with additional test functions to carry out end-to-end conformance tests per CEN TS17240.