Fluidgm introduces a new medium – cell high through put integrated fluidic circuit with higher single cell capture performance on the C1

Fluidigm announced the release of a new high-throughput integrated fluidic circuit (HT IFC) to isolate single cells for mRNA sequencing analysis. Capturing up to 800 medium-size (10–17 µm) cells with higher single-cell capture efficiency, the new medium-cell HT IFC enables researchers to confidently scale cell atlasing and lineage studies using the Fluidigm C1™ system.

The C1 is the gold standard for single cell analysis with over 100 peer-reviewed publications from around the world. Capable of detecting thousands of genes per cell using 3’ end counting, the new HT IFC workflow on the C1 system provides industry-leading sensitivity for high-throughput automated single-cell sequencing.

As single-cell research expands around the globe, researchers are profiling greater numbers of cells to characterize the transcriptional, genotypic, epigenetic, and proteomic phenotypes that make each cell unique. Following the identification of each new cell subtype, the role and function of each cell population in health and disease states can be explored. Supporting the widest range of automated single-cell applications in the industry, the C1 system empowers significant research breakthroughs in the understanding of cell diversity and function across a number of disease research areas.

The new medium-cell HT IFC provides high sensitivity with powerful control over experimental cost and data quality. Developed together with optimized reagents, the new workflow supports identification of cell subpopulations present at low abundance across a wide range of cell types, including cancer and stem cells. With the additional capability to simultaneously screen two cell populations for comparison studies with live on-IFC imaging for viability and phenotypic analysis, the medium-cell HT IFC is an important tool to expand the understanding of cellular diversity.

“The release of the new medium-cell HT IFC with higher single-cell capture and workflow performance is exciting,” said Chris Linthwaite, President and CEO of Fluidigm. “With this new offering on the C1 system, researchers have a powerful new tool to explore the diversity of cell populations at single-cell resolution, discover rare and novel cell types, and characterize their role in life.”

Fluidigm is continuing the development of a small-cell HT IFC to provide these same high-throughput capabilities for neuronal and immune cell populations in the future.