Gas Sensing Solutions launches product rebranding at Sensor & Test Show

Calum MacGregor, CEO of GSS, explained, “As our range of CO2 sensors increases, we felt it was important to have a very clear branding strategy to make it easy for customers to find the right type of sensor to suit their application. There are now three distinct families that each focus on a particular strength of our technology.

The CozIR® family has particularly low power consumption. The SprintIR® family has very fast response times. And the ExplorIR® is for robust applications that brings together the ranges previously known as MinIR and CozIR Wide Range. Within each family there are further sub-brands according to additional features such as ultra-high speed, very low power and wide detection range.”

GSS will have demos on its stand to show these three strengths. The CozIR-LP shows how a battery-powered CO2 sensor can be used for Demand Control Ventilation. The SprintIR-6S demo shows how fast the sensor responds to changes in CO2. The ExplorIR robustness is proven by having it working inside a ball being thrown around the stand.

Rapidly growing awareness of the health and safety issues of elevated CO2 is resulting in legislation of permissible CO2 levels. GSS uses its own specially developed LED technology at the heart of its CO2 sensors that dramatically cuts power consumption and speed of response.

This enables CO2 monitors to be designed that, for the first time, can be battery powered with long operational lives. This opens up whole new health and safety application areas such as battery-powered CO2 monitors for offices and factories that cut out the costs of mains cabling. Additional areas include CO2 level monitors for car cabins to ensure driver alertness; wearable alarms for people who might enter high CO2 concentration areas at work such as factories and breweries; and monitoring of CO2 levels in exhaled breath as an indicator of ill health.