Hithium to supply Powin with 5GWh battery cells

Stationary battery manufacturer Hithium has signed on to supply 5GWh of battery capacity to global energy storage platform provider Powin. The duration of the deal is three years, with the two companies having signed their first agreement earlier in 2023 for the delivery of at least 1.5GWh. Hithium will provide Powin with the agreed-upon energy storage capacity in the form of its 300Ah lithium ferro phosphate (LFP) cells.

Hithium’s 300Ah cells are the manufacturer’s most durable product on the cell level, featuring its unique technology for the active, sustained release of lithium-ions, which extends the lifespan of the cells to over 12,000 cycles. The cells also operate stably with up to a maximum 2% aging effect over the first thousand cycles, versus the ca. 6% degradation rate most typical in the industry. Due in part to the company’s highly advanced, automated production lines, these cells deliver an especially reliable performance.

“We’re proud to have won Powin’s trust and to have reached this milestone within our first year on the global market. The agreement is the largest delivery we have agreed to outside our home market of China so far,” commented Monee Pang, Hithium Vice President. “And with the 300Ah cell, the coming projects will showcase unique innovations we’ve achieved in cell chemistry to extend battery life and performance efficiency.”

Based in Oregon and with projects spanning across the globe, Powin delivers comprehensive turnkey energy storage systems. The company’s offerings encompass advanced hardware and software solutions, including a fully integrated battery and energy management system that optimizes performance.

Powin Vice President Global Procurement Jason Eschenbrenner said, of the new agreement, “It’s great to have Hithium on board as a supplier to support our rapid implementation of large-scale energy storage projects. Particularly when it comes to extending projects’ lifespan, their 300Ah cell provides us with an exceptionally reliable, long-lasting building block.”