Immervision announces the world’s Thinnest Camera module for the Laptop industry

?Immervision, the world’s developer of advanced vision systems combining optics, image processing, and sensor fusion technology, is pleased to announce its new 8 MP wide angle camera module for laptops, tablets and notepads with Immervision patented technology bringing image clarity edge-to-edge.  

Immervision’s 8 MP ultra-wide-angle lens-and-sensor combination is only 3.8 mm thick and offers a high-quality solution for a variety of applications that require higher resolution, a wide field of view and advanced distortion control. This solution can handle a variety of videoconferencing scenarios capturing larger scenes with optimal image sensor coverage, pixel density, and quality.  

Laptop manufacturers, answering customers’ demands for high quality video conferencing, are faced with the difficult problem of increasing the video call resolution and camera field of view while having a limited space to fit advanced camera hardware. They must find ways to shrink both lenses and the camera module. Many are unable to achieve this, leaving them struggling with distorted images, low resolution, and narrow field of view cameras that perform poorly in low-light conditions. 

Working with OEMs we have been able to help them maximize the field of view and image quality in the few millimeters of space available in modern devices,” explains Patrice Roulet?Fontani, co-founder and VP of Technology at?Immervision. “This miniature camera module can be used in conjunction with Immervision’s Wide-Angle Distortion Correction dewarping Algorithms, with Face and Body Protection algorithm, enabling OEMs with an unprecedented, novel, and fresh video call experience.” 

This announcement continues the company’s proven track record of working with clients to develop and deliver vision system projects from concept to mass production, while authoring multiple patents in 28 patent families, including wide-angle and freeform optics, image processing, sensor fusion and AI.