Infineon and Apex.AI partner to speed up software-defined vehicle development

A platform that greatly accelerates software development for automotive customers will be co-developed by Infineon Technologies and Apex.AI. To achieve this, the companies have integrated Apex.AI’s software development kit and Infineon’s AURIX TC3X microcontroller to enable the faster integration of safety-critical automotive functions into vehicles of tomorrow.

The AURIX TC3x embedded safety controller from Infineon benefits from ASIL D certification according to the 2018 ISO 26262 standard – denoting the highest level of automotive functional safety.

Several advanced computing platforms which enable automated driving rely on the microcontroller as their safety host controller. The solution delivers the required levels of safety and performance needed to facilitate automated driving. Apex.Grace, formerly known as Apex.OS, is the first complete SDK for software-defined vehicles (SDV) certified to ISO 262626 ASIL D. Apex.Grace is used for the timely development of application software for software-defined vehicles. Apex.Ida – previously Apex.Middleware – provides a complete and integrated solution for intra- and inter-electronic control unit communication and communication to the cloud.

Apex.Grace is based on the open-source robot operating system (ROS). Despite ROS being the industry’s development standard for prototyping for robotics and mobility applications, it does not meet safety and reliability requirements for automotive systems and other safety-critical applications, creating a challenge for OEMs. Apex.Grace enables the rapid and efficient transition from ROS-based prototypes to production-ready vehicles and is certified by TÜV Nord to ASIL D.

“The AURIX TC3x is widespread across automotive applications and well known for its reliability, scalable performance and broad customer base,” said Thomas Schneid, senior director software, partnership and ecosystem management, Infineon. “Together with Apex.AI we are now speeding up software development and implementation of microcontrollers to make software-defined vehicles possible. New applications in the car demand new SW Ecosystem components which complement and enhance our existing SW environments.”

“The mobility industry is challenged by moving from hardware-centric products to software-defined vehicles,” said Dr Jan Becker, co-founder and CEO, Apex.AI. “The integration of the Infineon AURIX TC3x microcontroller family, the embedded automotive safety controller, with Apex.Grace will significantly accelerate development times and lower deployment costs.”