Introducing the highly-anticipated launch of MediSens – The European Medical Imaging Conference from Sense Media

Taking place at The Crystal located within the heart of the London Royal Docklands, UK from 13-14 December 2016. Built by medical practitioners and the world’s foremost digital imaging experts, this conference addresses the need for a more integrated approach to developing medical imaging systems for clinical use.

Improving clinical outcomes, reducing dosage and controlling costs through advanced X-ray Imaging Systems

The conference will look at the latest technologies in development, including multi modal and single photon detectors. Alongside this, topics in discussion will cover a range of sensor technologies such as EMCCD, InGaAs, CMOS and fibre-based systems from macro to micro, connected by photonics technologies and the requirement for high quality, reliable imaging.

The agenda will be structured to address specific patient group scenarios in oncology.

Highly Experienced Advisory Board

The MediSens team has assembled a board of advisors spanning key medical imaging applications, who will draw upon their expertise and network to help us build an agenda in which the most relevant topics are addressed by subject matter experts.

The Advisory Board includes some of the most influential figures in digital imaging for medical applications and we are honoured to have their support and endorsement.

Figure-heads include Dimitra Darambara, Team Leader, Multimodality Molecular Imaging, Institute of Cancer Research; Renato Turchetta, CMOS Sensor Design Group Leader, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory; Biju Jacob, Senior Engineer, X-ray Detector Development, General Electric; Prof Karim Karim, Associate Director, Center for Bioengineering and Biotechnology, University of Waterloo.

Who will attend the MediSens Conference 2016?

MediSens will bring together medical practitioners using diagnostic and surgical imaging devices with the full supply chain from lens, sensor and processor manufacturers with fibre and connectivity technologists, system integrators, thought leaders.

Senior technical experts driving technology adoption at clinical level will benefit from attending and engaging in the discussion at this event.

Conference attendees will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn from leaders in their field giving technical insight and sharing their expertise
  • Hear from medical practitioners and understand their future requirements from digital imaging systems
  • Build relationships in an informal and collaborative environment
  • Get inspired to solve your current business challenges, and set new ones
  • Broaden your horizons by listening to expert speakers in relevant disciplines you don’t work in personally
  • Create new memories in a unique setting and with an experience to savour