InvenSense® announces UltraPrint™ mass-manufacturable ultrasound fingerprint touch sensor solution

InvenSense, the leading provider of MEMS sensor platforms, announced it has released for OEM review UltraPrint™, its ultrasonic fingerprint imaging solution, manufactured on the proprietary InvenSense CMOS-MEMS Platform (ICMP), offering ramp to production in calendar year 2017.

As the world’s largest fabless MEMS SOC innovator and source for the eutectically bonded ICMP, InvenSense ships, on average, over twelve million motion or audio sensor SOCs each week to leading global mobile and IoT OEMs.

By adding aluminum nitride-based piezoelectric capacity to its platform, InvenSense is enabling, for the first time, mass manufacture of unique piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers (pMUT) and transducer arrays, with each transducer element individually controllable through direct wafer-level interconnect to the CMOS ASIC.

This dramatic advancement in acoustic imaging technology will allow manufacturers to seamlessly integrate, on a platform proven capable of accommodating exceptionally high volumes, detailed fingerprint images from the epidermal to dermal layers, and to do so directly through glass or metal, even in the presence of oil, lotions, perspiration or other moisture, and other common contaminants that can easily undermine legacy capacitive solutions. These critical factors enhance live finger authentication and guard against spoofing, thereby increasing security.

Fari Assaderaghi, InvenSense’s Vice President Advanced Technology, commented: “Our proprietary UltraPrint technology is expected to enable, for the first time, deployment of ultrasonic fingerprint solutions under glass, as well as a myriad of other surfaces. This flexibility in sensor placement without cutting a hole in display glass, aluminum, steel or plastic case material is highly valued by mobile and other OEMs. Our innovative team is excited to work with equally motivated partners to quickly bring this new technology to market.

Mo Maghsoudnia, InvenSense’s Vice President Worldwide Manufacturing, added: “As a leading innovator in MEMS and sensor technology globally, and the world’s only fabless MEMS SOC vendor selling hundreds of millions of motion and audio sensors each year, we have a proven track record of rapidly ramping up innovative new MEMS solutions into mass production. We’re excited to extend the InvenSense CMOS-MEMS Platform to pMUT devices and enable a breakthrough authentication solution for leading mobile and IoT products.

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