InvenSense announces world’s first 6-axis mainboard OIS-Macro sensor, enabling crisper macro photography in smartphones

The ICG-20660L’s highly accurate production tolerances enables easy manufacture of mainboard OIS.

InvenSense, a provider of MEMS sensor platform solutions, announces a breakthrough mainboard optical image stabilization (OIS) solution with its ICG-20660L, a 6-axis (3-axis accelerometer + 3-axis gyroscope) integrated MEMS motion sensor optimized to support optical image stabilization, as well as a newly developed technology for macro image stabilization (OIS-Macro).

The ICG-20660L can be found in the recently announced Xiaomi Mi5 smartphone. This is a significant advancement in smartphone imaging, as it further enhances and expands on InvenSense’s leadership in 2-axis dedicated solutions on camera modules meeting the most demanding imaging applications, while enabling adoption of OIS with expanded capabilities in the main board of smartphones.

With the huge popularity of smartphone cameras, OEMs are looking for ways to enhance that experience with OIS across their product portfolio, while maintaining aesthetically pleasing industrial designs. Furthermore, the lightweight and very portable nature of a smartphone form factor makes it ideal for one-handed use and close up photography, or macro mode, where the photographer may be capturing the details of a beautiful flower. Macro photography, however, magnifies hand jitter beyond the capabilities of existing OIS solutions, especially in a small form factor phone. The ICG-20660L addresses this challenge by allowing the OIS-Macro motion sensor to be placed on the main board of a phone without the need for dynamic calibration at the phone level during production. This solution not only enhances the photography experience; it also allows creation of a compact camera module while reducing the total system cost, as dynamic calibration is no longer needed due to InvenSense’s unique ability to accurately control tolerances needed for main board OIS.

The innovative hardware inside the ICG-20660L opens a new frontier for image stabilization performance in smartphones, enabling macro and telephoto photography where subject is zoomed in. These are functions the high end digital still cameras have long enjoyed over smartphones cameras. With main board OIS, InvenSense once again sets a new a standard for smartphone imaging solutions.

The InvenSense 6-axis ICG-20660L and its gyro-only 3-axis ICG-20330L version are in production and available to customers. InvenSense is exhibiting in Hall 2 stand 2C16MR at the 2016 Mobile World Congress taking place in Barcelona, Spain from February 22 – 25, 2016. To schedule press and partner meetings at the show, contact For additional information and data sheets, please visit or contact InvenSense Sales at

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