InvenSense announces world’s first TDM microphone with an array of 16 devices on a single bus

InvenSense, a provider of MEMS sensor platforms, announced the world’s first TDM (Time Division Multiplexed) MEMS microphone that can support up to 16 microphones on one bus. With proliferation of connected devices where the main means of communication is far field voice communication, having an array of microphones that can pick up the user’s voice from any direction is key to their success.

These microphone arrays allow the device to form a narrow audio band to pick up user’s command in its direction while effectively ignoring noise from every other direction making reliable communication possible. Up to now, device makers had to pick from microphones with interfaces that supported no more than two on a bus leading to complex and expensive solutions for an array of microphones. InvenSense’ ICS-52000 is a low noise microphone that allows a microphone array to connect directly to digital processors without the need for audio converters in the system. All microphones in the array are able to synchronize their acoustic capture enabling precise audio processing.

There are growing number of applications that require multiple microphones to support reliable voice recognition in IoT market, home automation, audio and video conferencing and drones. The ICS-52000 addresses the challenges of interfacing microphone arrays by simplifying system design and significantly reducing overall system cost.

Far field voice recognition has become a critical feature in IoT market and AR/VR applications that need to have wrap around audio processing. The ICS-52000 compliments our market leading high performance microphone portfolio by addressing the specific needs of these markets,” said Eitan Medina, vice president marketing and product management at InvenSense. “Our patented microphone array architecture based on standard TDM interface enables efficient and elegant industrial designs.”

InvenSense’ ICS-52000 is sampling now and will be in mass production in 3Q this year. The product is packaged in a standard bottom port configuration. InvenSense will be exhibiting in Hall N1, stand 1742 at the 2016 CES Asia event taking place in Shanghai, China from May 11-13, 2016. To schedule press and partner meetings at the show, contact For additional information about the ICS-52000 and other InvenSense microphone solutions, please visit or contact InvenSense Sales at

About InvenSense

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