LG lnnotek reveals the optical telephoto zoom camera module for the first time in CES

“- With the clean and vivid image quality, filming is possible in all magnifications of 4-9 times”

“- Image quality enhanced through accumulated optical technology, and ‘Camera Bump’ removed”

– Optical telephoto zoom camera module software optimized with Qualcomm Technologies to accelerate the joint promotion

LG lnnotek introduced the world’s first product to prove again the global position as the world’s No. 1 camera module company.

LG lnnotek (CEO Jeong Cheol·dong) announced on the 23rd that the ‘Optical Telephoto Zoom Camera Module (hereafter referred to as the Optical Zoom Camera)’ will be revealed for the first time in the world on the world ‘s largest IT and home appliances exhibition of ‘Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023’.

Optical telephoto zoom camera module is a micro component developed for the smartphone by integrating the telescopic camera functions that were mostly applied to the professional cameras such as OSLR or mirrorless camera.  It is mounted on the rear side of the smartphone to enable the image and video to be taken without image quality degradation even when zooming from long distance.

The technology of LG lnnotek in the optical telephoto zoom camera module field is unrivaled. LG lnnotek also received the ‘CES 2023 Innovation Award’ recently with the optical telephoto zoom camera module.

“By applying LG lnnotek s’ optical telephoto zoom camera module ‘to the smartphone ,optical zoom filming is possible in the high magnification of 4-9 times section.  There are two main types of” “zooming, optical and digital Unlike the digital zoom that simply magnifies the size of the image to have serious quality degradation, optical zoom camera moves the lens directly to zoom the subject, which has advantage of maintaining the high image quality.”

The main advantage of this product is that optical zoom camera filming is possible in all magnifications freely in the sections of 4-9 times with one module.

“In contrast, existing ‘fixed zoom module’ enables optical zoom camera filming only in the specific magnification, and digital zoom is applied to other magnification sections. For example, both the” 4 time and 9·time fixed zoom modules must be mounted for filming in high–definition in the two magnifications of 4 times and 9 times.

• Image quality and durability enhanced through accumulated optical technology, and ‘Camera Bump’ removed”

optical Telephoto Zoom Camera Module’ is applied with the exclusive optical technology of LG lnnotek that is accumulated for almost 20 years.

“Above al the demand for optical zoom module by the global customers are increasing, and LG lnnotek’s strategy is to preoccupy the market quickly by emphasizing the differentiated” “technology ,this company is focusing on the camera module business capabilities.”

LG lnnotek developed the zoom actuator (component for moving the lens to change the focal distance or to set to the clean focus) to realize clear and clean image quality in all sections between “the 4-9 times magnification.”

Zoom actuator is a key component of the camera module that has definitive impact to the image quality. To obtain the high-definition filming material the zoom actuator must move the lens “quickly and accu rately to set the focus. Especially, the ‘Optical Telephoto Zoom Camera Module’ has long lens moving distance (length of the lens moving section),so controlling the moving distance accurately is very important.”

“The zoom actuator developed by LG lnnotek not only provides accuracy compared to the existing component, but also high moving speed and durability with less battery consumption. LG” lnnotek’s zoom actuator is also added with the control technology of moving the lens precisely in micrometer (1m per 1 million) unit.

“Moreover, the OIS (Optical Image Stabilizer) applied with the new design method reduces the blur phenomenon from shaking, and increases the definition. As the zoom camera can show the” “shaking more clearly, OIS is considered a key function.”

“In addition, the module thickness was minimized to remove the ‘camera bump’. In the general optical zoom module, the focal distance is longer in the higher magnification to result in thicker” “module, and to solve this problem, LG lnnotek newly innovated the lens design and module structure.”

•Join hands with Qualcomm Technologies to optimize software for Optical Continuous Zoom and speed up joint promotion

LG lnnotek’s plan is to solidify the global No. 1 position in the smartphone camera module market through the ‘Optical Telephoto Zoom Camera Module’.

“In particular, LG lnnotek and Qualcomm Technologies are working closely to optimize software for optical continuous zoom that will be applied to the new premium Snapdragon® 8Gen 2 Mobile” “Platform. It will enhance the image tuning custom for the optics, which includes Auto Focus, Auto·Exposure, Auto·White Balance, lens shading correction and much more. Users will be able to” focus quickly. And the photos and videos will have stunning image quality.

“Starting with the release of products at CES 2023,which will be held next month, LG lnnotek and Qualcomm Technologies plan to speed up joint promotions for global smartphone” manufacturers.

The CEO Jeong Cheol dong mentioned that “Smartphone cameras will be evolved into the direction of enhancing the performance of optical zoom centrally on the premium smartphones… and “added, “As the global smartphone camera module company, LG lnnotek will be one step ahead in introducing innovative products that provide pleasant experience and good impression to the customers, and innovation will be provided continuously for customer value””.”