Magic Micro acquires majority share in LioniX International

Magic Micro, a Kosdaq-listed South Korean electronic component company, has acquired a majority share of 75% in LioniX International. This acquisition between two complementary companies strengthens the position of both and clearly shows the Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) based ecosystem is further maturing. The access to the technology portfolio of Magic Micro (originally a LED lead frame and packages company) enables LioniX International to offer further electronic integration and packaging into their modules.

Via Magic Micro LioniX International also has access to 6 and 8 inch high volume cleanroom facilities enabling a seamless transition from the 4 inch fabrication facilities in the Netherlands to high volume PIC manufacturing in Korea. In addition, Magic Micro strengthens the customer access in Korea for LioniX International. For Magic Micro the acquisition of LioniX International broadens the scope of their offering to the PIC domain and enables them to integrate PIC based modules into their customer specific components. With Magic Micro LioniX International has a committed partner that is dedicated to continue and expand the business of LioniX International and its ambition to continue to play a leading role in the important field of Photonics. The focus of LioniX International will remain on PIC enabled modules based on their proprietary waveguide technology (TriPleX™), in addition to their other core competences microfluidics, optofluidics and MEMS.

The vertical integration of LioniX International enables Magic Micro to develop application components based on predefined PIC based modules.

The acquisition by Magic Micro will enable us to increase our value proposition to our customers and especially our capability for high volume manufacturing’, said Hans van den Vlekkert, CEO of LioniX International.

The acquisition of LioniX International will enable Magic Micro to extend our capabilities to support our customers with the fast growing field of Photonic Integrated Circuits Technology’, said William Jang, CEO of Magic Micro.

About Lionix International

LioniX International offers a complete supply chain of PIC technology, delivering full modules to its OEM customers. This vertical integration allows a focus on volume PIC applications for worldwide customers by enabling more rapid advancement from R&D concepts towards high-volume integrated solutions. The full, vertical integration allows a true one-stop-shop service to the customers. The company has a strong focus on PIC activities; however, LioniX International will continue to offer and expand its microfluidics, optofluidics and MEMS services to its customers, thereby enabling them to also profit from the vertical integration of a “one stop shop.”

About Magic Micro

Magic Micro is a manufacturer of Display LED, Lighting LED and vehicle LED on the basis of innovative and creative technologies. The company has self-core technologies as “Spot Plating” and established “All in House system” in the whole process by cost, production and technology competitiveness. For customer satisfaction, Magic Micro provides quick map based CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) customer service.