MEMSIC selects Xcerra’s test cell solution to support high volume MEMS device testing

Xcerra, announced that MEMSIC, a sensing solutions provider, has selected Xcerra’s total test cell solution as their test platform for high volume production of accelerometer and magnetometer MEMS devices. Multiple test cells have been installed and are running high volume production.

The test solution for MEMSIC incorporates the cost-efficient LTX-Credence Diamondx tester and the high throughput Multitest InMEMS/InCarrier.

MEMSIC chose the Xcerra test cell solution because it combines high parallel test capability with advanced package handling and MEMS stimulus options. The fully integrated solution delivers a pre-validated test cell directly to MEMSIC’s OSAT’s manufacturing floor, minimizing the time to high volume production. The initial cells are equipped to switch between the testing of 3DOF magnetometer devices in parallel on a strip or 3DOF and 2DOF accelerometer devices in parallel in a carrier.

Dr. Yang Zhao, president and ceo of MEMSIC comments, “As a leading provider of sensing solutions it was important that we select a test solution that can provide optimal quality and throughput at the best cost of test. Xcerra’s expertise in MEMS test and their ability to deliver a fully integrated solution to the manufacturing floor was a big reason we selected them, and they have delivered.

Dave Tacelli, president and ceo of Xcerra, adds: “Leveraging our expertise across all of our product groups to create fully integrated test cell solutions allows us to offer customers a turn-key, low risk test solution to get them to high volume production. We are pleased that market leaders like MEMSIC understand the value a complete test cell represents, and are now capitalizing on its efficiencies.

MEMSIC, Inc., headquartered in Andover, Massachusetts, designs and manufactures advanced semiconductor MEMS IC sensors and sensing system solutions. It is the only pure play MEMS company in the world that has full capabilities in both MEMS sensor components and sensing system integration. MEMSIC products include MEMS sensors, magnetic sensors, electronic compass, MEMS flow sensors and systems, MEMS Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) systems and Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). These products cover a wide range of markets and applications including FAA certified avionic, high precision industrial, critical automotive, plus high volume mobile and consumer applications.

About Xcerra
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