Narada unveiled new-generation ultra-large capacity energy storage solution at ESIE 2024

From April 10th to 13th, the 12th Energy Storage International Conference and Expo (ESIE 2024) was grandly held in Beijing, where hundreds of top energy storage companies gathered for the event. 

Narada debuted its new-generation ultra-large capacity energy storage solution, engaging in industry discussions with peers.

Dr. Jiayuan Xiang, Vice President and Chief Engineer of Narada, unveiled the 690Ah ultra-large capacity energy storage battery at the exhibition booth.

This battery is compatible with capacities ranging from 650Ah to 750Ah, boasting an ultra-long lifespan of 20 years, volumetric energy density between 380-440Wh/L, a cycle life of up to 15,000 times, individual energy over 2 kWh, and an energy efficiency exceeding 96%.

A 20ft energy storage system equipped with this battery can reach a capacity of up to 6MWh, while also achieving zero degradation over five years. The 690Ah ultra-large energy storage battery is scheduled for global mass production and delivery in September this year.

Narada’s booth covered more than 370 square meters. This time, Narada launched its new-generation ultra-large capacity energy storage products and comprehensive solution scenarios, accompanied by exquisite gifts and sincere activities.

The booth was bustling with visitors who stopped by to observe and exchange views.

The globally premiered 690Ah ultra-large capacity battery made a stunning appearance at the booth, attracting extensive attention within the industry and a large audience.

At the event, Narada highlighted the 20ft 5MWh+ liquid cooling energy storage system.

This large-capacity liquid cooling energy storage system improves energy by 35%, saves 43% in floor space, and significantly reduces the initial purchase cost of the energy storage system. The system has built a safe and reliable core technical advantage from multiple dimensions, including battery safety, management safety, and fire safety.

Moreover, Narada also exhibited a series of products including commercial liquid cooling integrated machines and IDC high voltage high power lithium batteries.

At the exhibition booth, Narada conducted multiple technical seminars to comprehensively introduce the company’s new-generation ultra-large capacity energy storage solutions.

At the booth, SGS, an internationally recognized testing, inspection, and certification organization, was invited to award UL1973 and UL9540 VOC certification certificates to Narada’s 314Ah energy storage battery and the 20ft 5MWh liquid cooling energy storage system, respectively.

The UL1973 certification demonstrates from multiple aspects, such as battery structure, materials, and safety, that Narada’s 314Ah battery meets international market safety requirements.

The UL9540 certification is one of the world’s authoritative safety standards for energy storage systems. Passing this certification means the 20-foot 5MWh liquid-cooled energy storage system will be highly recognized globally.

During the summit, Jianhua Yu, Vice President of Narada’s Domestic Marketing Center, delivered a keynote speech on ” Applications and Future Prospects of New Energy Storage”.

He pointed out that the energy storage industry will face a series of challenges in the process of large-scale, industrialization, and market-oriented development. He expressed the hope that industry colleagues, together with Narada, will promote the rapid development of the energy storage industry by strengthening top-level design and planning, improving energy storage market mechanisms and pricing systems, diversifying incentives, and enhancing the standards and market supervision of the energy storage industry.

Subsequently, he showcased Narada’s integrated layout in the energy storage field, its range of energy storage products, and comprehensive solution scenarios, demonstrating the company’s extensive experience and advantages in the scaled application of new energy storage.

Nan Zhang, Technical Director of Narada’s Domestic Marketing Center, shared a keynote speech on “The Safety Design and Practice of Scaled Lithium Energy Storage Systems.”

He stated that with the increasing demand for renewable energy and industrial applications, energy storage cells are developing towards 300Ah+ large capacity, high safety, and long lifespan.

Through a series of safety designs, Narada has provided high-quality and reliable energy storage products for global customers.

During the exhibition, Dr. Jiayuan Xiang accepted interviews from multiple media including Xinhua Net and 21st Century Business Herald.

She noted that Narada’s complete supply chain ecosystem constitutes its strong market competitiveness. She also stated that by focusing on new quality productive forces, Narada will deeply deploy digitalization and cutting-edge technology application transformation.

In the future, Narada will continue to commit to technological innovation and product development, delve into the energy storage field, and promote the green transformation and sustainable development of the energy industry.