Narada won the bid for 200MWh lithium battery energy storage system

Narada subsidiary Narada Energy and an engineering management company in Changsha, China, signed a procurement contract for a 200MWh lithium battery energy storage system, with an estimated contract value of RMB 160 million.

Narada has successfully launched a number of targeted products for new power energy storage, industrial energy storage and other application scenarios to meet customer needs, establish advantages in various application fields, and complete the integrated layout of global sales and service.

In the field of new power energy storage, Narada has played the role of energy storage as a flexible resource on the power generation side, the grid side and the load side, promoting the realization of intelligent energy interconnection. Narada’s customers in China include the State Grid, the Southern Power Grid and other energy industry leaders.

Narada will continue to promote technology and product iteration, actively expand domestic and overseas markets, and maintain high-quality development.