OLEDs, quantum dots make gains in the display market

An article written by David Savastano, Editor for Printed Electronics Now – Technological advantages are driving current advances, while printing looms in the near future. When it comes to displays and lighting, consumers have a lot of choices to select from. The options shift, though, when different markets are considered. Smartphones, for example, are split between organic light emitting diodes (OLED) and LCDs. TVs have a wider range of options, with quantum dots (QD) making gains. Lighting has LEDs as a growing technology, while OLED is trying to make some headway.

OLEDs and quantum dots have some elements in common. In their own way, both offer better colors gamut and are becoming more affordable. Each also offers the potential for printing.

OLEDs in the Market

OLED has done particularly well in the smartphone space, with high-end Samsung phones using OLEDs and Apple adding OLED screens to some of its new iPhone models.

“We expect OLED to account for about 30% of smartphone shipments in 2018,” said Dr. Eric Virey, senior market and technology analyst – LED, Sapphire & Display for Yole Développement, a market research & strategy consulting company. “Besides Samsung and Apple, many other brands are now using OLED for their flagship phones (Xiaomi, Sony, LG, Google…). The leading supplier is Samsung Display, with more than 90% share in 2018. We expect OLED to capture >50% of the smartphone market by 2020.” Full article

Image: courtesy of Information Display