ON Semi updates on its imaging business

“We continue to further strengthen our position in imaging market for automotive and industrial applications and demand outlook for our imaging products continues to strengthen.We continue to see strong demand for our image sensors for ADAS applications. With a complete line of image sensors, including 1, 2, and 8 megapixels, we are the only provider of complete range of pixel densities on a single platform for the next generation ADAS and autonomous driving applications.

We believe that a complete line of image sensors on a single platform provides us with significant competitive advantage, and we continue working to extend our technology lead over our competitors.

Our design win pipeline for ADAS continues to grow at a rapid pace. We are actively engaged with our ecosystem partners for development of next-generation ADAS systems, and we remain the primary image sensor partner for leading ADAS and autonomous driving technology leaders. Driven by our technology lead, we are seeing strong traction for our image sensors for ADAS applications in China.


ON Analyst 2017 1


In the machine vision market, we continued our momentum with our Python line of image sensors. According to Yole Development, a leading market research firm, ON Semiconductor is the leader in image sensors for industrial applications. With leadership in industrial and automotive markets, ON Semiconductor has emerged as a powerhouse for the most demanding and challenging imaging applications. As I indicated on previous earnings calls, we continue to develop synergies with our expertise in the automotive imaging market to accelerate our growth in the machine vision market as both of these markets are driven by artificial intelligence and face similar challenges, such as low light conditions, dynamic range and harsh operating environments.

The image sensor piece, overall we’ve been managing the consumer part down as a margin play, so growth in total was much higher for the automotive image sensors than is reflected there in the division. The actual sequential for automotive up 20% year over-year, yes, so that’s actually substantially higher for that piece of the business.”