Orbotech Inkjet™ 600 selected by amkor technology for system-in-package applications

High Accuracy Inkjet Printing of 3D Underfill Dams Offers Greater Flexibility and Lower Cost of Ownership in Volume Production

A leading provider of process innovation technologies, solutions and equipment enabling the transformation of the global electronics manufacturing industry, today announced that its Orbotech Inkjet™ 600 system has been selected by Amkor Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMKR), a leading provider of semiconductor packaging and test services. By using Orbotech Inkjet 600 to print high aspect ratio, 3D underfill dams for new system-in-package (SiP) products, Amkor aims to maximize its manufacturing flexibility, increase its feature position accuracy and reduce its design-to-manufacturing lifecycle.

“Amkor’s use of Orbotech Inkjet 600 for 3D printing is a significant implementation of process innovation in high-volume semiconductor packaging,” said Mr. Kevin Crofton, President of SPTS and Corporate Vice President at Orbotech. “We are experiencing a great deal of interest in inkjet printing from the packaging industry, for applications ranging from underfill dams to package marking to the direct printing of isolation layers. We believe that this may be the beginning of an industry trend towards adopting additive manufacturing solutions for seamless production processes. Our Orbotech Inkjet 600 offers device manufacturers unprecedented flexibility in product development, reduced cycle times and lower overall cost of ownership.

“Amkor’s emphasis is on functional integration and size reduction by using different package and interconnect technologies for System-in-Package offerings,” commented JuHoon Yoon, Amkor’s R&D Vice President in Korea. “By investing in solutions such as Orbotech Inkjet 600 for printing of underfill dams as opposed to conventional methods, we enable higher levels of integration in smaller form factors for our customers.

Underfill dams prevent leakage between active and passive components and are an essential process in SiP packaging for both device and sub-component substrates. With its high-accuracy printing capability, the Orbotech Inkjet 600 enables the formation of tall underfill dams in a single step with real-time local alignment correction for tighter integration of components. This not only leads to a shorter process by replacing existing cumbersome, subtractive processes, but also significantly lowers manufacturing costs.