Pkvitality K’Watch continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) device

K’Watch Glucose, world first CGM Smartwatch, will make CGM painless and totally discreet. PKvitality, a bio-wearable medical technology company focused on the development of a minimally invasive smartwatch to measure glucose, announces that K’Watch Glucose will monitor glucose level on a continuous basis.

With 7 patents pending and already very promising preclinical in vivo tests, K’Watch Glucose equipped with K’apsul® and the SkinTaste technology is on its way to revolutionize diabetes management for millions of patients.

Pkvitality Yole

Its future product, K’Watch Glucose®, honoree at CES 2017 and winner of the “Best of Innovation” Award, has evolved from measurement on demand to continuous measurement. It will be the first wearable smartwatch medical device that measures and displays glucose level continuously, effortlessly and painlessly. With K’Watch, diabetes patients will check their glucose level instantly, see the trend and how it evolves over a period of time. Patients will also receive customized automated alerts to prevent hyper & hypoglycemia episodes for days and nights. Moreover, users have the option of alerting trusted people in case of severe episodes through notifications sent via the PK Application directly on their smartphone.

PKvitality’s patient centric DNA is revealed in every K’Watch Glucose development’s detail. With PKvitality we conducted face to face usability tests with T1D patients, an approach that is still too rare at this stage of development of medical devices”, says Remy Leroy, head of diabetology in Hospital La Louvière Lille.

K’Watch Glucose is equipped with K’apsul, a consumable which is inserted at its back. The core of K’apsul’s concept is the technology SkinTaste, a revolutionary technology based on a sensor composed of biochemical and an array of micro-points. The micro-points stay in the upper part of the skin, a layer without pain sensation as most of the mechanical nerves are far below. It measures glucose concentration by being in contact with the interstitial fluid rather than with the blood which make it also a bloodfree solution.

According to Luc Pierart, the CEO of PKvitality, ‘’We have listened to thousands of feedbacks received from patients and managed to rework K’Watch to create the ultimate friendly CGM. We are currently in a pre-clinical testing phase with very promising invivo results, and committed to dramatically improve quality of life of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes patients’’.