QD-OLED TVs will get a lot cheaper

Revolutionary new blue pixel technology currently being developed by Samsung will see the price of QD-OLED televisions drop soon, despite the TVs only just coming onto the market.

This is according to Professor Kwon Jang-hyuk of Kyung Hee University (pictured below), who told audiences at the SID 2022 Review Symposium in Seoul that Samsung was “was prioritising applying phosphorescent blue OLED material on its advanced TV panel.”

Currently, OLED panels use phosphorescent OLED materials with 100 per cent internal luminance efficiency for the red and green, but fluorescent materials for blues, which only gives 25 per cent internal luminance efficiency.

To even the colour palette, Samsung’s present QD-OLED Displays therefore use three blue layers for one green, in what Samsung calls its “four tandem structure.”

Therefore, the race is on to develop phosphorescent OLED materials to give more effective and efficient blues.

By developing phosphorescent blue OLED material, the company will be able to reduce these blue layers to a single layer, making production cheaper, and extending the life of the televisions.

Professor Kwon pointed to a research paper published by Samsung, named ‘Exceptionally stable blue phosphorescent organic light-emitting diode.’

Kwon reasons that, given this paper was published over a year ago, the company will have made significant process in this research.

He claims Samsung Display was aiming to present the results of the research within the year.